The Effect of Professional Development Training on EFL Teachers’ Perception of Research Practice at Selected Schools in Arba Minch

An Expirimental Study

  • Dr. Endelibu Goa Arba Minch University


The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of need-based professional development (PD) training on primary school EFL teachers’ perception of research practices in Gamo Zone, Ethiopia. Employing an experimental research design, pre-test and post-test measures were analyzed using a t-test statistical procedure. The data gathered through a questionnaire was subjected to quantitative analysis. 59, randomly selected EFL teachers filled the pre-test and post-test questionnaires. The result showed that there was a statistically significant difference before intervention (M=64.00, SD=13.612) and after intervention [M= 80.52, SD=15.512, t (51) =-6.554, p<0.05]. Based on the findings, the study concluded that need-based PD practice could have great value in improving primary school EFL teachers’ perception of research practices in Arba Minch, Ethiopia

Key terms: Perception, Research Practices, Need-based, Professional development, English language, Experimental research design