• Ethiopian Journal of Water Science and Technology

    The Ethiopian Journal of Water Science and Technology (EJWST) is an
    international open access journal hosted by Arba Minch University, Water Technology Institute. EJWST is a multidisciplinary double-blind peer-reviewed journal publishes original research papers, critical reviews and technical notes which are of regional and international significance on all aspects of the water science, technology, policy, regulation, social, economic aspects, management and applications of sustainable of water to cope with water scarcity.The journal includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:
    Hydrology & integrated water resources management
    •  Water resources Potential Assessment;
    •  Integrated Watershed Management;
    •  Optimal Allocation of Water Resources;
    •  Hydraulic modeling;
    •  Eco-hydrology and
    •   River Basin Governance and water Institutions.
    Irrigation and Drainage
    •  Irrigation Potential Assessment;
    •  Irrigation Scheme Performance Improvements;
    •  Agriculture Water Management;
    •  Conjunctive Use of Surface and Groundwater Irrigation and
    •  Rain water Harvesting and spate Irrigation.
    Water supply and Sanitation
    •  Urban and rural water supply and sanitation;
    •  Water Quality Modeling;
    •  Wastewater Treatment and Re-use;
    •  Solid Waste Management;
    •  Ecological Sanitation and
    •  Sustainability of Water supply Services.
    Renewable Energy
    •  Assessment of hydropower Potential and development;
    •  Small scale Hydropower and alternative energy sources;
    •  Dam and Reservoirs;
    •  Wind Energy for Water Pumping and
    •  Solar Energy for Water pumping.
    Climate Variability, change and impacts
    •  Impacts of climate change on water resources
    •  Climate Changes Impacts, Vulnerability, Resilience and Adaptation options;
    •  Climate Forcing and Dynamics and
    •  Predictability of weather and climate extremes.
    Emerging Challenges
    •  Hydro politics and conflict Resolution;
    •  Equitable Resources and Benefit sharing;
    •  Gender and Water Resources Management and
    •  Cross cutting Issues.

  • Ethiopian Journal of Business and Social Science

    Ethiopian Journal of Business and Social Science (EJBSS) is based in Arba Minch University, Ethiopia and publishes peer reviewed articles biannually in the various fields of business and economics, social sciences and humanities, behavioral and pedagogical science and law. In this guideline, we describe some basic considerations that authors should comply with when submitting their manuscripts for publication in EJBSS. EJBSS accepts peer-reviewed original scientific articles which are usually reports of empirical studies, literature reviews, theoretical articles, methodological articles, or case studies. Other, less frequently published types of articles include brief reports, comments and replies on previously published articles, book reviews, and monographs. EJBSS disseminates its publications to the scientific community in Ethiopia and elsewhere in the world. In this way, the journal aims to introduce Ethiopian academic achievements to the world community, by demonstrating the significance of Ethiopian scientific investigations. EJBSS is a non-profit academic journal based in Arba Minch University, Ethiopia.


  • OMO International Journal of Sciences

    OMO International Journal of Sciences An Official Journal of the Arba Minch University, Ethiopia
    The OMO International Journal of Sciences has a strapping endeavor to publish state of the art findings, organize scientific conferences, masquerade technical trainings and consultancy services. The Journal publishes a peer-reviewed original research, critical reviews, technical notes, future articles and short communications in various fields of Natural and Computational Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences, Food Science and Postharvest Technology. The editorial board invites interested researchers and scientists to join the reviewer and editorial advisory board of the journal for free overhaul. You are welcome to contribute to this flourishing scientific journal.